Our company

Our company is a family owned small enterprise nestled in a dinamically developing industrial area with excellent infrastructure only 25 kms from Budapest, along the M3 motorway.
Headquarters: H-2112 Veresegyház, Fő út 15.
Factory: H-2112 Veresegyház, Mester utca 1.
Phone/Fax: 00-36/28-385-065, Mobil: 00-36/209-716-164
Website: www.tiller.hu



We are engaged in the production of plastic injection moulded products. We make our offer based on a sample or a technical drawing. If needed we are ready to offer the making of the mould as well.

We work on german made machines with a clamping force of 35 to 150 tons with a max. shot weight of ca. 300 gr. Naturally we have the necessary auxiliary equipment as dryers, temperature regulators for moulds . We have experience in processing the majority of engineering plastics, except PVC. 90 % of our production will be exported, mainly to Germany, Austria, Swiss, Italy or Bohemia.

Our products are so far components for mechanical engineering, switches, accessories for packaging, fixture for building and construction, houses and flanges for filtering. So that we can prove and secure the continual good quality of our products we have introduced and maintain a QS system, currently the ISO 9001:2015

We strive to achive a continuous development even with the updating of our plant.



We hope that you will contact us with your questions or request for quotation. Thank you for your interest.

Sales and Marketing Manager
+36 20 3314 623
Norbert K. TILLER
Managing Director



H-2112 Veresegyház, Mester utca 1.